Atelier Tomorrow: a curated tour in Milan

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 the tour

Atelier Tomorrow is conducted in english directly by IterArs co-founder Ronald Lewis Facchinetti. Art history is evolving in many directions, and some directions are more meaningful then others. “Atelier Tomorrow” is all about where art is heading. The tour presents connections between freshly baked works ready to be sent out to the museum that commissioned them, or the gallery that optioned them. Atelier Tomorrow focuses on established names on the contemporary art scene, but we keep our eyes open for extraordinary works by young artists that are worth a peek.


Euro 70 per person (free for accompanied children up to 12 years old). Transportation by car is included. It is possible to reserve a tour exclusively for you or your group, the price for exclusive booking can be determinded in the Tour’s reservation page and your confirmation will be immediate. This tour requires a minimum number of 3 participants to take place. Our system will send you an email with a link to our paypal account to confirm the reservation once minimum number of participants is reached.


This month we will fish from the ponds of Duilio Forte, Manuel Felisi, Giovanni Manzoni, Sabrina D'Alessandro, Alessandro Spadari, Mark Kalinka and the Novello Sisters.

  the curator

Ronald Lewis Facchinetti is an independent curator based in Genoa Italy. He is a co-founder of IterArs and throughout his career has founded several network-based art frannchises such as ContainerArt, a global event held in shipping containers, and Art Pod, a geo-located mobile art space which is small enough to be work as a jewel box. He is passionate about frames and innovative framing concepts. He is the author of "Network Art Museums" in which he makes the case for changing the way we design and experience conteporary art museums.






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