Tvrtko Buric | studio portrait

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Buric's layered technique is applied to portraiture in an innovative way. Faces are defined uniquely by the hair and beard foilage that surrounds it. His portraits are a unique window into a person's soul.

  about the work

Buric creates work that is not preplanned and pre-sketched but a spontaneous and rapidly produced expression of his state of mind, a pas deux between him and his medium. The viewer here is entirely surrounded by it, wishing to move between and underneath the suspended lines in order to capture the work from its various angles. Unlike Pollock his ‘brushwork’ results in concrete forms and the viewer gets to experience the creation of a representational painting (although here the painting is 3- dimensional, the lines frozen in space rather than dried on canvas)." Ira Ferris


Buric's art studio in Albaro Genova is a semiconstructed, explosive space strongly evocative of his work. In one corner he presents his latest installations. The rest is devoted to his works in progress

  the artist

Born Tvrtko Buric was born in Bjelovar (Croatia). He begins his artistic activity in the studio of the painter Mazuranic in Zagreb. In the same city will receive a degree in Interior design at the School of Art and Design. After high school he went to Genoa, where he start to study Industrial design, after that he study a specialization in product design in 2010.



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