Giovanni Manzoni | Un viaggio lungo un disegno

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Travel is the topic of this exhibit of drawings large and small. Works are inspired by the chronicles of Marco Polo, Nikola Tesla’s enquires into the mysteries of the electromagnetic field, the introspective exploring of Jean-Dominique Bauby, the fantastical adventures of Jules Verne: human knowledge and conscience through the centuries.

  about the work

Giovanni Manzoni sees drawing as the most immediate representation of thought and the earliest of artistic expressions. Drawing, in his view, is a direct channel for significance, communicative while remaining personal and unique, like individual handwriting. A trace of our, singular, passage through the world. He draws inspiration from the sixteenth-century maestros as well as from South-American muralism, an echo of his Bolivian roots. In the footsteps of Orozco and Rivera he has dreamt of “enveloping” the viewer in massive painted environments. Later he latched on the idea of using coffee grounds, turning waste into useful pigment, a surprising case of “up-cycling” which lends depth, harmony and intensity to lines and volumes. (Michela Ongaretti)


A delightful studio in the heart of Milan, nestled among the Liberty villas of Porta Venezia, the decorations of Casa Galimberti and the wrought-iron balconies of Casa Guazzoni. Here the artist works and exhibits, in a space combining studio, workshop, showroom and meeting space facilitating a direct dialogue among the art lovers of the world.

  the artist

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in 1979, Giovanni Manzoni reconciles paradoxes. Renaissance monuments, Pollock’s dripping, Rivera’s impetus. He founded the GMP Art cultural association promoting young artists and is the artistic director of the magazine Kritika. His work has appeared in many solo and collective shows, including at the Mudima Foundation, Palazzo Tè in Mantua and at the 54th Venice Biennale.



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