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Liana Ghukasyan | I Demoni

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 on display
Daniela Novello introduces her project “il giorno imperfetto” [the imperfect day] for the first time in Milan, after its début in Lecco in 2013. Her musing on the political implications of Aldo Moro’s kidnapping and murder in 1978 takes the shape of lead sculptures. Lead, as the “Years of Lead” and turmoil which gripped Italy between the 1960s and the 1980s. We encounter the leaden flag of the Red Brigades. A plumbean reconstruction of the car seats upon which Moro’s dead body was found. A dramatic page of Italy’s history, salvaged from the collective imagination and transferred onto solid matter.
The atelier is shared with Patrizia Novello and her project Floating Islands.

  about the work

Marble, tuff rock, lead: in these sculptures, matter is a tool by which to penetrate the essence of daily life and the human dilemma. Devotion and precision are essential for this noble task. By turning objects and matter into so much more, the sculptor trans-forms stone and ore into possibility, setting the stage for a panoply of interpretations.


A wide atelier in the Bovisa neighborhood. Two working spaces, side-by-side, coexisting in well-honed form of spatial collaboration. Daniela Novello’s workshop in one, Patrizia Novello’s paintings and tableaux, in the other. A shared, luminous exhibition hall and, almost in counterpoint, two studios housing tools of their daily trades. Daniela’s is filled with stone, marble, the sharp edges of the sculptor’s trade. Patrizia’s, of soft papers, pigments, and brushes.

  the artist

Daniela Novello, born in Milan in 1978, has been sculpting marble, stone and lead since 2001. Her most recent shows include Agganci di fase [Phase-locked loops] (with Patrizia Novello), curated by P. Zürcher, Associazione Culturale Monteggiori Arte (Camaiore: 2013), Camere comunicanti [Communicating rooms] (with Nadia Nava) curated by S. Agliotti and C. Gatti, Gli Eroici Furori [Heroic Furors] (Milan: 2013), Il giorno imperfetto [The imperfect day], curated by D. Bini and M. Tavola, Visconti Tower (Lecco: 2013), Old house New art: Eski ey-yeni sanat uluslararasi plastic snatlar sempozyumu, curated by T. Topcu and R. Abacioglu (Ismir, Turkey: 2012).



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