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Marc Kalinka | Le parole sono importanti

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 on display

“Words are important”. This project revolves around words. Literary, dramatic, the words which make a biography (or a life?). The religious Word. Words as promises. The spoken word and words un-spoken, maybe unspeakable. Large images which emerge from tiny, textured letters.

  about the work

Performances and videos are his basic means of representation. His themes are mainly social, described using physical actions, symbols, words. In his works he describes the misery of a world that man continues to destroy and rebuild. He talks about the waste of man's time and life achieving absolutely nothing ("Still. Nothing"), or the difficulty to communicate to people how much you love them ("iluvyou"), the difficulty to live together or alone ("in or out"), the many different sides of our personality and their influence on our way of living and behaving (The many me or who is the real Marc Kalinka). But his research is not based only on videos. Kalinka also works and builds devices and sculptures - such as traffic lights "Sveta4", modified TV-stereos, doorphones "Ding dong to my country", "My personal holy family", and many others - for containing and showing his video works. Objects normally made from everyday use, customized, transformed, and sometimes deprived of their usual purpose, are used for showing his videos, which often have a sense only inside their containers. They represent complete and stand-alone installations, sometimes objects, sometimes sculptures, ready to work. Besides the production of videos and installations, Kalinka produces prints such as "More", "9 months to grow", "No country for stupid men", "Kalinka per metre".


Part Frankenstein laboratory full of analogue contraptions, part white cube: clean and sparse, Kalinka's Atelier is the place where he produces but also experiments with artwork exhibits before they touch the walls of institutions. A room is devoted to an exhibit or an experience he shifts around frequently. He also invites other artists for occasional presentations of new art pieces.

  the artist

Marc Vincent Kalinka is an Italo-Russian artist born in 1968. He has been working for ten years as a director, actor and teacher of theater and mime, performing and working in in Russia, Germany, Czech and Slovak Republics, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and France. Since his early shows he has been using videos as a narrative instrument which in turn focus much of his attention to other forms of visual art, such as photograph, digital printing, silkscreen and multimedia installations. He participated in two editions of the Moscow Biennale in 2005 and 2007, in the Venice Biennale in 2007 and 2011. In 2011 he also participated in the International Festival "The imperial gardens of Russia" by invitation of the Russian State Museum . In 2010 he displayed during Frieze Art Fair in London, in Just Madrid and Loop Barcelone. We also draw attention to his participation in Art Brussels and Manifesta 10 in 2014. In the same year he carried out a sound installation in the Church of Santa Rita da Cascia in Campitelli, Rome, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affair and the Comune di Roma. In 2015 he is present in Scope NY, in a solo show in the State Museum of Zilina and in Bratislava ((Czech Republic), among the many shows and events held last year.



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