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Fabio Giampietro & Alan Maglio | La linea rossa

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 on display
Searing streetscapes. Cement constructions. Metropolitan moods captured by Fabio Giampietro as they intersect the gaze of Alan Maglio’s subjects. As worry lines meet urban patterns, they merge in a symbolic “Red Line”. This, the name of the show, points to a connection between Giampietro’s monochrome streets and the values embodied in Maglio’s portraits, somehow leading in the direction of change, and multicultural vistas beyond. The exhibit opens in Milan after its première in Bologna’s Spazio Testoni.

  about the work

Fabio Giampietro’s medium is highly unusual: through an oil subtraction technique, he sets on canvas an idiosyncratic vision of humanity, emerging out of a dark, damp, uncontrollable sprawl of cement and glass, a megalopolis, a built environment to swallow and overwhelm us. From the intersection of art and technology Giampietro has wrought experiments in interactive installations as a novel way of experiencing the painted world. The viewer is led to “inhabit” a painting in 3D, immersing in the texture as in a landscape: a new experience for the art world.

Portrait, reportage, cinema: Alan Maglio is an incurable innovator, combining techniques and languages, old-fashioned photography, Polaroids, videos. His works investigate the topic of socio-cultural identity.


This open space in the area of Maggiolina is a port on the rugged waters of artistic and technological experimentation. All around are strewn first drafts, drawings, brushes and canvas, but so are robots, cables, bits and pieces of shiny technological equipment. This is the rough stuff of Fabio Giampiero’s interactive installations, which you will most likely be invited to engage with during your visit. His aim is nothing less than a breaking down of the barrier between artwork and viewer. The same atelier is home to photographer-director Alan Maglio, a base from which he organises reportages in Italy and beyond, and a great space in which to improvise with photo-shoots.

  the aritsts

Fabio Giampietro, born in 1974, has long been exploring the most fanciful aspects of the built environment. His medium is painting and his technique is subtractive, leeching colour off the canvas. His most recent shows include, La linea rossa [The red line] at Spazio Testoni (Bologna: 2016), Welcome to the jungle at Spazio Tadini (Milan: 2016), Selva oscura [Dark wood] at the Correggio Museum (Parma: 2015), Ende Neu at Neurotitan (Berlin: 2014) and solo shows at Finterbank (Lugano: 2014) and the IFD Gallery (Milan: 2013).

Alan Maglio was born in 1979 in Milan, where he lives, works, and rests in between exhibits in Italy and abroad. A photographer and director, his topic is cultural identity, explored by combining portraiture, street photography and documentary video-making. He has directed two movies: “Milano Centrale - Stories from the Train Station” (2007) and “Asmarina” (2015).



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