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Duilio Forte | ArkiZoic Manifesto

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Get ready for an adventure through the intricate passageways, courtyards, stairwells and step-ladders of AtelierFORTE. The Italio-Swedish artist-architect Duilio Forte has wrought a mythical vision of an otherworld of space, time and magical creatures. May the ArkiZoic era, a poetic, subversive, anachronistic time, begin. Step carefully into the courtyard, guarded by the massive form of Sleipnir, steed of the God Odin of Norse myth, let yourself into the Workshop and Theatre. A hominid yet unknown to science, Homo Videomaticus, will take a picture (and post it on Flickr). Here are gathered all the models, or avatars, of installations created for the Milan Triennale and the Venice Biennale, and for innumerable city squares, forests, lakes and fields.

  about the work

After a long-lasting research into the multiple identities of Sleipnir, trusty steed of the God Odin from Norse mythology, whom he has chased through monumental installations, sculptures, design, experiences and performances, in 2015 Duilio Forte turned his attention to the image and myth of Ursus, dweller of the North. Yet another name by which to explore the relationship of man and nature, through the construction of sacred spaces in which time flows in authenticity and daily life gets re-written as a poetic landscape of objects and interactions. The ArkiZoic era, heralded by the artist in his 2009 Manifesto, is both past and future, archaeology and science-fiction, for both feed on time, and Time is but a dream. Each gesture is timeless, therefore unique. His preferred materials, wood and iron, bend to technology in service of both practicality and vision.


A place that embodies the poetic imagery of artist and architect Duilio Forte. Natural spaces, architecture, internal design, installations, sculptures, books, curios, mementos, all archived and indexed, are the messages from the ArkiZoic era, heralded by the artist in his 2009 Manifesto. As we step into the fortress of AtelierFORTE, a monumental installation of Sleipnir, steed to the God Odin, welcomes us with the unexpected warmth of a Swedish sauna, cleverly cached within. An overflowing Workshop fit for a blacksmith, followed by a Theatre ready to receive artists and performers. The Horses Room is a display of exhibits, projects and models. And there is more: a welcoming Hostaria, a Library, even a Cinema. Stairways, ladders, portals, each one different and unique, interconnect this extraordinary labyrinth.

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  the artist

Duilio Forte, artist and architect of Italian and Swedish descent, was born in Milan in 1967. His sculptures, land art and installations have waged a peaceful invasion of the Italian countryside and of Swedish forests, as well as docking at the Venice lagoon during the Biennale, peeking over Palazzo Carignano in Turin or taking a stroll in D’Annunzio’s Vittoriale. He is one of the designers of the Rooms at the Milan Triennale, on the topic of Living Concepts, to be visited before the 12th of September. On the 13th of March, 1998 he founded AtelierFORTE and a summer school in Sweden with the aim of re-creating spaces for apprenticeship in the art world, workshops where knowledge and silence, wood and iron may cohabit with time, growing mastery, and patience. On the 12th of February 2009, 200 years after the birth of Charles Darwin, he issued the ArkiZoic Manifesto, seven rules for the evolution of art and life. The Manifesto celebrates the subversive value of courage, of practicality, of learning-by-doing as an antidote to trivialisation of human lives and talents. The Manifesto is a cry for experimentation: if we allow the unexpected to emerge, only then does evolution stand a chance. Twice a guest of the Venice Architecture Biennale, short listed for the ICIF Prize, he collaborates with NABA Milan and numerous other institutions in Italy and abroad.



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