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IterArs developed a structured approach to the selection of its art studios. IterArs curators visit each Atelier and interview the artist to determine if there is a fit with our expectations. We start a dialogue with artists to determine how to position the experiences they offer. IterArs is not an open network: clients who choose our service know that we are selective, and trust us for that.

The quality of the artist’s work is a necessary but not a sufficient factor for its insertion in the IterArs network of studios. To be part of IterArs, the Atelier must be not only a place of production but also one in which a particular experience is presented: an installation, a performance, a curated exhibition, or an ongoing project in which a visitor can take part in.

We consider IterArs an effective tool for highlighting certain trends or movements in contemporary art. Our curated tours are conducted by professionals who make a case for a specific direction of contemporary art. We work with curators who are excited about ideas and kow how to communicate them.

We seek to present new definitions of the portrait and accept artists in our network that can provide a structured portrait service. Artists in our network offer transparent pricing, on-time execution and prompt shipping if required.

We expect transparency from artists in our network. If an artist has an exclusivity agreement with a gallery, we will make clear on the website that no purchase is possible during the studio visit. We are also glad to collaborate with the artist’s gallery in case of commercial transactions with our clients. If a direct purchase in studio is possible, we expect each artist to have a selection of works on display, to prepare a price listing, and to adhere to IterArs policies.

Luisa Castellini


Uncompromising about the quality of the artist’s work

Ronald Lewis Facchinetti


Uncompromising about the customer’s aesthetic experience

  • 3/2014

    First Brainstorm

    At Atelier Forte in Milano

  • 6/2014

    First Presentation

    At Expop Vivaio with Duilio Forte

  • 3/2015

    First Open Studio night

    with 20 Atelier, in Parthership with Affordable Fair Milan

  • 3/2016

    New Platform Beta

    New reservation system beta testing for visits and tours

  • 4/2016

    First Milano tours

    We begin our collaboration with Milano Art Curators