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A 3d body scan? A sculpture with your own silverwear? Or simply, your DNA in an envelope? IterArs studio portraits might make you look different.

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The Curator is Present

On Friday March 18th, curators Matteo Galbiati, Michela Ongaretti and Luisa Castellini will be presenting art studio exhibitions in several IterArs Atelier during the Art Night Out, organized by the Affordable Art Fair in Milano. For additional information:

Francesco Gattuso: IterArs Art Advisor

To assist important collectors in the delicate process of valuing contemporary art, we are assembling a team of professionals with excellent credentials, and with a reputation for transparency and discretion. These are the qualities we found in Francesco Gattuso, an art advisor that operates in Milan and Basel. Francesco will provide valuation services to...

Curating Art Studios

IterArs is introducing curatorial practices inside the Atelier to offer meaningful experiences to its community of Studio Crawlers. It is an exciting time. We are using Milano and Genova as a Beta test for a new way to promote contemporary art currents and trends. We are launching with a first cluster of curated studios...

IterArs allies with WhereMilan

We are glad to announce an editorial parthership with Where Milan, a magazine with a unique understanding of the Milano luxury tourism and shopping industry. The partnership aims at bringing awareness of the vibrant cultural world of Milan’s artist studios.


you might look different

a sculpture, a body scan

or simply your DNA in an envelope



Access to all the studio exhibits

Purchase or gift our Studio Crawl coupons. For an unlimited access to our studio exhibits for 24 or 48 hrs. How does it work? Purchase a coupon online and receive a code which you can use to reserve all the available studio exhibits you want for free. Does not include happening or other services such as curated tours or art advisory

30 Euro per 24 hours. 45 Euro per 48 hours. The best way to support contemporary art is to experience it.


My IterArs Studio Crawl began with a bit of Punk-Pop history in Giacomo Spazio's studio. Then off to Mark Kalinka and his multimedia installations. Later in the afternoon the wonderful drawings of Giovannin Manzoni. Tomorrow I am ready for Duilio Forte's Atelier and the exhibits at Daniela and Patrizia Novello.

Joan Francisco

In Milano for a week end



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Fleeting identities in the big city

The roads and cement buildings of Fabio Giampietro find occupants in the photography of Alan Maglio